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5 PM - 10 PM



HUDSON, NY 12534

for parties of 4 or more,

book now via resy!


for parties of 10 or more,

book our private dining room by emailing:


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Hello, we're Lil Deb's Oasis. Welcome to our world.

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"The war is over, the war is over, said a young working woman next to me. Her face shone." from Les Guerilleres by Monique Wittig trans. David LeVay



The woman, at the time, or at another time, sat in Hudson's very own Lil Deb's Oasis. Like many others who walked through the passionfruit vestibule, as she licked the brine of Venus birth from her spotted ceviche spoon, she wanted to know more about how the restaurant got started, it's ethos. One of the wait staff began:


During the War lived & loved the artist-chefs Carla Perez-Gallardo & Hannah Black, two star-crossed luminaries under the sign of the Lacerta constellation (Little Cassiopeia). Hannah was trying to make a bonsai tree made of fondant & found the flowers too sweet to bloom. Carla, a renowned molecular gastronomist, found herself fond at her partner's ingenuity. She thought about it, & took out her atomic pestle to move this & that molecule over there, & suddenly the buds burst open. They had since united primarily through the shared desire of creating communion between peoples through the sacred vessel of comida, & have since fostered the creation of so much more: a community-centered crevice in the hearts of many, many legendary friends whose word of mouth grew potential for verdant collaboration with artists & galleries, other businesses, & other like-minded individuals & organizations dedicated to trying to end The War, thus trying to change the world for the better.


Wedded in matriarchal spirit, Hannah & Carla lead toward a place replete with pleasure & joy, where all are welcomed into a space where those who are marginal can feel at home. Where ever the world's going, we want to be there before, during, & after with a glass of great wine. The story still continues & we're waiting for you!

- historical mythology written by poet aristilde kirby


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Food at Lil Debs Oasis Restaurant Hudson NY
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Natural Wines, Cocktails, and Refreshing Soft-Drinks

Bold and pungent dishes are paired with our selection of low intervention wines, from conscientious producers that have the same commitment to quality and community that we do.


We also serve a variety of craft cocktails, as well as provide delicious non-alcoholic beverages so everyone can party with us and with eachother.

Tropical Comfort Food, in the heart of the Hudson Valley

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We designed our menu to give us room to celebrate the seasonal variety mother nature provides for us in the Hudson Valley, while integrating them with the vibrant flavors of the tropics

We call our cuisine Tropical Comfort Food because warmth, nourishment and connection are at the core of what we do.


Tropical Comfort Food in Hudson NY at Lil Deb's
Food spread at Lil Deb's Restaurant Hudson
Wine list Lil Deb's Restaurant Hudson
Wine pt 2 restaurant hudson ny lil deb's
wine list lil deb's hudson ny

Glamour and gastronomy, served intimately.


Introducing our brand new private dining room! Just as fun, only private! Book your birthday or bachelorette party with us (8-14 people or so). We are available for hire as interior vibe stylists - perfect for your office or prom-type scenario!

Email us - let's have a party!

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Catering to your needs, big and small, glamorous and gorgeous.

Hudson ny food at lil deb's restaurant

From low-key barbecues and pop-ups to weddings and high-end conceptual gallery dinners, we love the challenge of collaborating with clients on creating the customized event of their dreams.

Our menus, our aesthetic, and our fun staff provide a fresh alternative to the stiffness of a traditional catering experience.


To start the process, tell us a little bit about yourself!

What size of a party are you hoping to cater?


When is the event?

What kinds of foods are you interested in? Any childhood favorites? Vacation memories?

How much would you like to spend per person?

Let us know in the form below.

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lil deb's restaurant catering food in hudson
Party Queer Wedding Hudson NY Lil Debs
best food in hudson ny at lil deb's restaurant

Queer Performance Night, Our annual Galas, and more.

“Queer Night of Performance” is a monthly happening/event that takes place within the restaurant space of Lil Deb's Oasis, a queer-run restaurant in Hudson, NY.  Since its inception in 2018, QNOP has been about showcasing and highlighting queer talent and expressions of wide varieties. These evenings have included but are never limited to drag. Often these nights include live music, readings, comedy, dance, and art. Artists and performers of all kinds are encouraged to take on a theme or prompt and use the opportunity to showcase, workshop, and experiment. These evenings have proven to be incredibly nurturing to the queer community of Hudson and our friends.

Queer Restaurant Lil Deb's Hudson
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Check out our instagram for

posts about upcoming events!

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Committed to community, committed to eachother.

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Our commitment to the local community and the wonderful team we work with every day is just as important as providing high-quality food and service. 


We practice radical inclusivity and equal-opportunity pay by implementing non-traditional restaurant practices in order to eliminate the sense that one form of labor is more valuable than another.


Working with, and for, our local community is vital to what we do and we are committed to extending our space to the diverse population of Hudson and beyond. 


From fundraisers, to language-exchange luncheons, to extended collaborative relationships with local grass-roots organizations, we are dedicated to supporting socially sustainable efforts — beginning with our own business structure. 


We are lucky to know an incredible group of people — from farmers, to our customers, to our friends — THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!



Adam + Yiyi + the Yesfolk family, Adam Weinert, Alex Guerrero, Alex Patrick Dyck, Ale Campos, Alison Roman, Alivia Bloch, Alix+Adrianna, Allison Kizu, Azucena, Amanda Daisy Lees, Amanda Mummery, Amiel Stanek, Amber Esseiva, Angela Dimayuga, Annie Bielski, Anita Otey, Aristilde Kirby, Arley Marks, Audrey Snyder, Billie Belo, Brett Timothy, Brittany Newell, Carly "No Cilantro" and Dan, Carmen, Caroline Friedman, Caroline+Darcy, Carver Farrel, Chaska, Checkers, Cherry Iocovozzi, Claudia, Chrissy Rivera, Christine Ripley, Coco Gagnet, Common Hands Farm Dan + Tay + the Suarez gang, David Gallardo, Duvid Griffin, Daniel de la Nuez+ Aaron Fox, Davon Rainey, Djuna Schamus, effie bowen, Elise McMahon, Emily Ritz, Enky Bayar, Elbert Perez, Fifi Essome, Erin Gifford, Facundo Huerta, Flo Honnet, Garret McClure, Gerardo Gonzalez, Grace Caiazza, Enana Nduku, Enky Bayarsaikhan, Enca + Mila, Franny+John, The Half Moon Hudson, Hank Flick, Ines Gallardo, Ironwood Farm, Izzy New, Jaime Keeling, Jerry and the Rev gang, Jessanna Britton, Jesse Hart, Jose Hualca-Gallardo, Jon Wang, Jonathan Osofsky, Jordon Soper, Jori Jayne, Juan Sanchez + Lloyda, Kamal Johnson, Katherine Clary, Kelly Crimmins, The King of Catskill, Kristin Dodge + September Gallery, Ladymoon + the Eclipse, Lauren Giambrone + Good Fight, Lauren Schaeffer, Lee + everyone at Kinderhook Farms, Leisah+Monica, Leor Miller, Letterbox Farm, lexi welch, Liam Turkle, Like Minded Objects Lila Holland, Lizbeth Yeager, Liz Hopkins, Loach Sample, Lou Barnes, Luca, Lucia Hualca-Gallardo, Lune Wynyard, Mandy Beckley, Matia Emsellem, Mark Bodnar, Material Vodka, Max Taylor-Milner, Merritt Meachem, Mike Mosby, Moiety NYC, MOMAPS1, Monica Gallardo, Morningstar Farm, Nick+Leah+Nialls, Nathaniel Anschuetz, The National, Otis Denner-Kenney, Paige Simpson, Pati Hertling + everyone at Performance Space, Pvssyheaven, Ray Smith Studio, R.B. Schlather, The Romero Family, Raphael Wolf, Ren Cook, Rich Maddocks, Ricky Zoker, Rihanna, Robin Rose Hill, Roman Horst, Rudy Mungaray, Ryan McDermott, Quinn Kimsey-White, Samantha + Olivia, Sancia Nash, Sarah+Nick Suarez and the Gaskins crew, Sara Beckley, Sara Black, Sean Desiree, Sean Roland, September Gallery, Shireen Ahmed, Silkworm, Silver Cousler, Shannekia McKintosh + the Hudson Library, Sonia Corina, Sophie "Sopho" Biber, Sparrowbush Farm, Tea Boris-Schacter, Ted Levitine-Walsh, Tepper, Tomm Roesch, Tom + Dot, Victoria + Peter Gambino, Topless Gallery Vanessa Martenson, Vien+Jess+the gang, WGXC Radio, Whistledown Farm, Zack Klug at Liten Buffel, Zak Pelaccio, Zax Restaurant, Zsela.​​

Food at Lil Deb's in Hudson
Food Hudson NY Lil Deb's Restaurant
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